The Kia Forum has opened the first checkout-free store powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology at an arena on the West Coast. The new store, located at the north end of the Kia Forum’s main floor, will sell Guests snacks, hot food and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of waiting in line. Guests purchasing alcohol will be required to show their ID to a store attendant for age verification. Guests using the new store will enjoy a simple, frictionless experience. Just Walk Out technology detects what guests take from or return to the shelves. When Guests have completed their shopping experience, they will be able to simply leave the store, and their credit card will be charged for the items they left with.

The Kia Forum has exciting food offerings that include some of SoCal’s most celebrated local food and beverage brands. This ensures that every music fan is able to enjoy their favorite hometown food options, including some unique twists on popular dishes. Local brands making their star turn at the legendary Inglewood venue include: Casamigos Tequila, Carney’s, and Loteria! Grill.

Carney’s was founded in 1975 by John Wolfe, Sr. and his wife Pat Wolfe. Together they worked countless hours building the restaurant into a Sunset Strip destination, building the restaurant out of an old Pacific Railroad passenger train. Carney’s prides itself on serving some of the best hamburgers and hot dogs in LA, and probably the world. We use the freshest ingredients on the market and never skimp on quality.

Craigs Vegan
Craig’s Vegan first began after the clientele at their LA restaurant began asking for a non-dairy dessert. They set out to make rich, creamy, decadent desserts that just happen to be vegan and that just happen to be good for you. Soon the requests for their scoops to-go came pouring in and the pints bean to fly out the door. Craig’s Vegan can now be found in freezers everywhere.

Loteria Grill
Mexican food is synonymous with history, community, and flavor. Jimmy Shaw, our executive chef and founder, takes pride in offering authentic specialties from the many culinary regions of Mexico. Our slowly cooked guisos are made with the finest and freshest ingredients, and prepared with the same processes as in Mexico. Our selection of top-quality chiles and spices, and our intimate knowledge of Mexican cooking techniques give a delightful richness to dishes like our Cochinita Pibil, Mole Poblano and many more. Buen Provecho!