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The Kia Forum | Disabled Services

The Disabled Services Department was created to fulfill the needs of our patrons with disabilities. The Kia Forum has made a firm commitment to provide each guest with an enjoyable atmosphere in a clean and safe surrounding, making each patron’s visit to the Kia Forum a positive experience. The Kia Forum is accessible and accommodating for patrons with disabilities.

The Kia Forum Disabled Services Department

3900 W. Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90305

Office: 310-862-6200

Email: [email protected]


DISABLED SEATING & TICKET PURCHASE– Disabled Seating, wheelchair, aisle transfer, and semi-ambulatory seating may be purchased by calling the Kia Forum Disabled Services department, which may be reached at 310-862-6200 option #4 during normal business hours, calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or TDD at 800-943-4327, online at

Onsales – as with the general public seating, tickets for most Kia Forum events are available the first day of sale to individuals with disabilities via the Kia Forum’s Disabled Services Department, Ticketmaster phones, and Tickets for concerts are not typically available for purchase at the Kia Forum Box Office on the first day of sale. After the first day of sale, remaining concert tickets will be available at the Box Office, in addition to Ticketmaster phones, and the Kia Forum’s Disabled Services Department. If the first day of ticket sales falls on a weekend or holiday, the Disabled Services Department will sell tickets on the following business day. Please be advised that sale dates are subject to change.

Companion Seating – Individuals with disabilities may purchase up to three seats for companions in the accessible seating areas, provided such seats are available. Additional tickets, if available, may be purchased as close to the accessible seating areas, as long as it does not exceed the ticket limit for the event. Please note, for events or specific seating sections where ticket sales are limited to fewer than four tickets per patron, the same ticket restrictions will apply to the purchase of accessible seating.

Intended Use – Accessible seating is intended for use by an individual with a mobility disability or other disability who requires the accessible features of accessible seating due to a disability, and that individual’s companions. The Kia Forum reserves the right to investigate potential misuse of accessible seating and to take all appropriate action against individuals who fraudulently obtain tickets for accessible seating. While tickets for accessible seating legitimately purchased for the use of an individual with disability may be transferred to another individual under the same terms and conditions applicable to other tickets, in the event such ticket is transferred or sold to a non-disabled individual, the Kia Forum reserves the right to move the non-disabled individual to other seating.

ACCESSIBLE SEAT RELOCATIONS– The Kia Forum is pleased to provide fully integrated accessible seating for individuals with disabilities and their guests. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to purchase their seats from the various disabled seating options and ticket prices provided.

While we encourage our guests with disabilities to purchase directly with Disabled Services, guests who have purchased non-accessible tickets at the Kia Forum Box Office or through Ticketmaster and need the features of an accessible seat are invited to contact Disabled Services to request the exchange of their ticket, based on availability, for one that more appropriately meets their needs.

Disabled seating exchanges cannot be made for tickets purchased through other third parties, brokers or other sources.

All seating relocations are subject to availability and for some shows may be limited. The Kia Forum Disabled Services can be reached Monday through Friday from during normal business hours at 310-862-6200 option 4.

AIRPORT ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION– All four major Los Angeles-area airports are equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities. For more information related to airport facilities, please contact your arrival and departure airport directly. Listed below are four major airports listed by proximity to the Kia Forum.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – 4 miles or 855-463-5252

Office of Disability Services 424-646-5005

Long Beach Airport (LGB) – 21 miles or 562-570-2600

Bob Hope Airport (BUR) – 26 miles or 818-840-8840

Ontario International Airport (ONT) – 52 miles or 909-937-2700

CONCESSIONS- Concessions are available on the Kia Forum Terrace, concourses and floor level. All permanent stands have an accessible counter area. Kia Forum vendors circulate on the concourses, aisles and floor including disabled seating areas for guests’ convenience.

INTERPRETED SERVICES– The Kia Forum is pleased to provide signed performances for the deaf and hard of hearing upon request. We will make every effort to accommodate each request with appropriate advance notice (minimum 10 business days). Please contact the Disabled Services Department for further information at 888-609-7599.

SERVICE ANIMALS– Service animals are permitted at the Kia Forum. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as any dog, such as a guide dog or signal dog that is individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. The Kia Forum has certain policies with regard to customers bringing service animals into the building. If you are an individual seeking to bring an animal to the venue you may contact the Kia Forum’s Disabled Services Department at 310-862-6200 option 4, during normal business hours.

TICKETHOLDER WHEELCHAIR RELOCATION– If you are a wheelchair user and obtain non-accessible tickets please visit a Guest Services podium inside the venue day of the event in order to be relocated, whenever possible, to a designated wheelchair location. Requests for relocations to accessible seating are subject to availability and are issued on a first come first served basis. To ensure your accessible seating in the future, it is recommended you purchase accessible seats in advance by calling Guest Services at 310-862-6200, online at, or in person at the Kia Forum box office.

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